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Constructing a bicycle lighting system or modifying an existing one may result in a system that does not comply with all applicable laws and regulations. None of the bicycle lighting systems described below has been explicitly approved for use on roads by any authority, nor have any of their components. Constructing, repairing, or operating the circuitry described below may involve risk of electric shock. If you attempt to construct, repair, or operate any of the systems or components described below, you do so at your own risk.     Don't miss to read my disclaimer.
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Pedal Generator Projects

Small and lightweight pedal generator - Using a standard bicycle dynamo to charge batteries while riding (0.6 .. 6W of electrical power)
High power pedal generator - Using a hub motor to charge a battery and power a variety of equipment (50 .. 200W of electrical power)

Bicycle Light Projects


The Dynamo / Alternator / Generator - Dynamo basics. Different types of dynamos and their characteristics.
The Battery - Battery application basics

Electronic Circuits

Dynamo LED light electronics - A nice selection of electronic circuits to power LEDs from a bicycle dynamo
Battery LED light electronics - A basic step-up circuit to power an LED from a battery

Mechanical Construction

Universal single-LED headlight
  • Inexpensive
  • Built from commonly available material  
  • Universal triple-LED headlight
  • Powerful with good heat dissipation
  • Built from commonly available material  
  • Standard headlight modified into LED headlight  
  • Unobstrusive
  • Existing headlight can be recycled
  • Built from commonly available material
  • Universal LED taillight mechanical construction  
  • Inexpensive
  • Very robust, sealed against water
  • Built from commonly available material
  • 1.5 W LED headlight / headlamp, battery-operated
  • Universal small light for a variety of tasks
  • Lightweight Li-Ion battery, performs well at low temperature  
  • Halogen headlight from standard parts, battery-operated  
  • Lots of light for your money
  • All standard parts, easily completed in half a day

  • Commercial Bicycle Light Products Analyzed

    There are times when it is more appropriate to buy a commercial product:
  • When you need it right now
  • When high quality is sold at the right price
  • When the insurance pays it

    Tail Lights

    Commercial Battery Tail Lights
  • Widely available in many places, often inexpensive
  • Independent from the rest of the light system

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  • Dynamo theory / models: Mathias Magdowski comprehensive paper (German language), Jim Easterbrook's simplified model (English language)
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