LED Bicycle Taillight


LED taillights are more robust and last longer than those using light bulbs. They are less sensitive to overload and vibrations. They deliver a more intense light than traditional products. They are more efficient than bulbs, particularly at low power.
This project is about building an LED taillight from commonly available parts.

Electrically, it's designed to work with the light systems mentioned on this website. To make it compatible with other light systems, you might want to use a different wiring of the LEDs.

Required Parts

Red LEDs are size 1206 ( I use Osram LS T676 ), width of brass profile = 10mm , inner diameter of hose = 10mm

Bits and pieces for the LED taillight

Cut strip of PCB, separate the copper area in the middle, solder the LEDs onto the copper (maintain same polarity for all !)

Place the end LEDs vertically on the PCB, to have them emit light to the side.

Solder the LEDs on the PCB strip

Solder wires to end of PCB, glue PCB into brass profile, push the assembly into the transparent hose

Note: Heating up the hose with a hair drier and the use of silicon spray makes life much easier

Final assembly

Fold hose at the end of the brass profile, to prevent water from entering.

Mounting to the bike can be done with cable ties